Flap n Grab - Ball Toss Catch Game - (FG 1901)


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Some of the features of that “Sports Item”-

It can be played in a very small space.

A person could play it all alone and still, it can be very amusing.

Similar to Badminton & Table Tennis “Flap n Grab” has also involved with physical activities which are good as exercise.

Product Description:

Start the game by closing the mouth of the Flap'n Grab paddle around one of the orange balls, then let the paddle spring open to launch the ball into flight

Catch an incoming ball by closing the Flap'n Grab paddle around it with a snap of your hand

Learn all kinds of tricks such as catching and launching the ball over the shoulder, behind the back or under the leg

Flap n Grab helps to develop hand-eye coordination and timing and encourages active exercise Includes Behind the Back Shot, Over the Shoulder Shot, Turn Around and Jump Shot inspired by the traditional way of playing a catch ball game

Specifications: I

 The Box 2 Flap'n Grab and 4 Balls General: Type: Beach Toys & Play Sets Ideal for Boys and Girls Age above 5 Years Recommended Age6 Years & Above Color: Black, Blue, Red Number of Players: 2, in some case it can be 1

Additional Feature:

Indoors and Outdoors, Cool Play Shots for this Game of Catch Include-Behind the Back Shot, Over the Shoulder Shot.  Turn Around and Jump Shot

Other Features: 

Product Dimensions: Product Depth: 2.9 cm

Product Width: 14.7 cm

Product Height: 11.02 cm

Product Weight: 700 g Other

Dimensions: 24.41-inch x 29.53-inch x 18.5 inch

Box Dimensions: Width: 14.7 cm

Height: 11.02 cm Depth: 2.9 cm

Weight: 700 g

Important Note: The color of some product parts may vary from what is shown in the image